the leyend of puerto Juarez

Best seafood restaurant in cancun

committed to quality

We always put quality in front of everything else, we carefully select our seafood products.

Best margaritas in cancun

tailored cocktails and mixology


We have a selection of classic cocktails and mixology prepared with special dedication of our bartenders. Do you want something else that is not listed on the menu? Just ask for it, we take care of the rest. We have mora than 70 brands of distiled drinks, wines, liquors and digestives.

Seafood restaurant in cancun

kitchen is the heart

Our commitment is to serve you the best quality ingredients, with a Yucatan-style approach (Mexico's Southeast).


The menu is a hybrid between a "Fish Market" and a classic menu, for this reason we can prepare any of our seafood ingredients to your liking. Fish Breaded or Tikin-Xic, Octopus Grilled or Poc-Chuc style, Salmon with capers, Shrimp tempura and more. You ask, we deliver!

Best seaside restaurant in cancun

come and visit us!

Family, friends or couple, visit us! We have a great space with seaside views and fresh winds.

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